Please read carefully through the information below for some tips on using this site. If you require additional help, please emailĀ


1. Playing the videos on your ipad.
The video files are all in the ‘wmv’ format. This has always been a problem on Apple systems, including the tablets. There is finally one app that will play these video files perfectly – I have tried a number of others that claim to support the wmv format, but most stutter, or drop out
VLC media player (VLC) handles these videos perfectly. I have found no problem – the audio, notation and video are perfectly in sync. It does need to run on the latest operating sytem for best results.
Also, it is easy to access the files. If the videos are loaded onto your hard drive, VLC can access these across your WIFI home network, or they can be loaded onto your app with your ipad connected to the computer using iTunes.

2. Reading the transcriptions on your ipad
For those with an ipad, I would suggest that you try reading the transcriptions using a pdf reader on your ipad – on the DVD are over 1000 pages of piano transcription, so it would be a smart idea to try them using your ipad (or other tablet computer) before printing a song out on your printer. There are a number of good pdf readers suitable for music transcriptions. My choice would be the app ‘Good Reader’. It can load individual transcription files, and it will also unzip all of the transcriptions in the large zip file so that they all are easily accessed.


The WMA audio or WMV video files should ‘stream’ to your media player as they load.

If you play the videos from the DVD on Windows Media Player, hitting ‘Ctrl/Shift/S’ will slow the video down enough to read the text and see the notes that are being played. ‘Ctrl/Shift/N’ will return the speed to normal.

Most of the videos have also been posted on YouTube , but the associated midi files and leadsheets are not available there. The videos on youtube are lower in quality.

The videos are all in wmv format – easily played with any media player on your PC, or using Apple Quicktime on a MAC preloaded with the free ‘Flip4Mac’ add-on. For ipad (or ipod, or iphone) users, try using the app ‘Air Video’ which can ‘stream’ and convert wmv videos in real time over Wifi from your computer’s hard drive. Click here for info on the ‘Air Video’ app for ipad.


My first DVD is now absolutely filled, so for some of the earlier videos, and vocal accompaniment videos I have left the videos on this website, and removed them from my DVD. These videos can be downloaded free of charge from here. However, the backing tracks, pdf transcription files of the accompaniment are still on my DVD. There is now a dual layer DVD available that has absolutely all of the videos and, transcriptions (around 300 of them), and everything that I have produced.

The cost of the standard DVD is US$27 plus postage ($7.50). The dual layer video is currently US$35 plus postage ($7.50).

I have now made individual transcriptions available for $1.20 (minimum of 3 ordered). If there is a backing track available, I will include that free of charge with the ordered transcription.

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